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Olabayo Ishola
Wanda Urbacz
Miss Oana Iordache
John Bogumsky - melt ice
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Artist Agayev Painting Class
Nainal Shah
Richard Warrington
Gordon - Pine Tree
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Mrs Pat Rawlings
Mr Richard Humphreys
Miss Sara Ashkboos
Mr John Bogumsky
Mrs Navamalar RaviRaj
Mrs Ann Ballard
Mr Abdul Ibrahimi
Sophie Elliott
Mr Alberto Bebbington
Mrs Bahareh Mohammadi
Mrs Christine Howe
Mrs Barbara Edgar
Mrs Mita Visrolia
Mrs Margaret Masters
Mr David Chard
Mrs Ghazal Niknejad
Mrs Mahasti Mirhosseini
Mr Mahendrakumar Patel
Mrs Jillian Davies
John and portrait

Become a Member


Dear future Member,

Thank you for your interest in the Leicester Art Zone (LAZ). We run a range of different classes during the week.  Our classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and they are open to our members only; offering intense and specific coaching on various art disciplines and techniques.

These sessions provide canvas, easels, brushes, as well as access to a range of acrylic and oil paints for an affordable class fee. Tea, coffee and range of snacks to select from are also available free of charge in our class, creating a friendly and encouraging environment for developing your art skills.

As a LAZ member, you will be entitled to take painting and portrait drawing training under the instructions and guidance of our skilled tutors. LAZ member will have a prioritised seat booking access on our minibus during any of our exciting day trips to Art Museums and Galleries. You will also be able to attend our members meeting and contribute to shaping the direction of LAZ’s future. Skilled members will have the opportunity to teach new students in our art classes and participate in running the LAZ services.

Membership fee is currently £18 per year and runs from the day you became a member.  NOTE: All membership is under probation for minimum of 6 months, after which you decide to become a permanent member. This decision is finalised by LAZ at our discretion, using the performance, character, commitment and contribution of each member as the judging criteria.

You need to download Registration Form complete and return us by email. Please read our GDPR for your information on how we protect your data. 




You are welcome to involve our activities and apply membership at the Leicester Art Zone. Being a member of LAZ gives you the opportunity to help shape our development and support the community art sector.




  • Involve to build future and with unity make a stronger art centre

  • Participate in our Membership Meeting and Annual meeting

  • Have the opportunity to become a LAZ trustee or vote for LAZ trustee

  • Have the opportunity to become a project manager

LAZ is a non-profit organisation, providing our services with as little charge as possible. The membership registration fee and classes charges are to ensure that we continue to provide a great service for the community, and facilitate an environment for both new and experienced artists to demonstrate the abilities.

Prices are subject to change.

Kind regards,

Leicester Art Zone.

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