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LAZ Artist Competition 2018

Thanks for all and specially who helped us at the exhibition opening event. Artist party was a great, tanks all who involved again. Here are the winners of LAZ Artist Competition Spring & Summer 2018:

Winner of the Artist Agayev Prize - Mr Tomasz Lisiak collected majority votes form entree artists but he already won last year and he can't win in one years according LAZ rules. Next name on the list was Miss Mita Visrolia but she also won 1st place in 2017, therefore top prize pass from her too. Looking on vote list there wasn't anyone to collect. We asked from visitors to vote so we can find our winner. After visitors votes Scottish local artist Mr Allan Ross became a winner. Congratulation Alllan.

Winner of LAZ second prize - this was the lucky dip system. One of the visitor picked the card between competition entrees and we found LAZ second competition winner which was Mrs Margaret Masters.

Winner of LAZ third prize - this was also lucky dip system. One of the visitor picked the card between entrees and we found LAZ third competition winner and his name is Mr Gorden Newton.

We are pleased to invite you to participate in Leicester Art Zone’s next art competition.

The competition theme is Free. You can enter paintings, drawings, photographs, knitting, anything artistic. The work entered must be predominantly painted in any media on canvas or board. Works on paper will be considered, if they are framed.

Deadline for entering this artist competition: 19th July 2018

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