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Ground Rules of Day Trip

1. We are travelling with minibus which hold 15 passengers and plus driver.


2. Day Trip will happen WHEN a minimum of 10 people is booked and you can see their names in the list on WhatsApp group .


3. Person has to pay in advance for the day trip.


4. You must transfer payment to LAZ Bank Account (Cash payment is not allowed)


5. The payment is NOT REFUNDABLE, if you say sorry I can't come. 


6. The payment is FULLY REFUNDABLE when we have less than 10 people in the list.


7. You can't book, if you have never used LAZ services in the past. However, this can be possible if you personally attend one of the Art Classes and meet the Artist Agayev personally. We must know who is coming in advance and the person is not causing any problems to others inside minibus or on day trip.

8. On the day we are getting in minibus at the Clarence Street  (next to Age UK building) LE1 3PJ. Everyone gathers there at 8am.

9. We usually stop at motorway services to have 15 break minimum.  We arrive the city around 1pm and it depends the city we are travelling, time is given in average.  Everyone visiting the places together as a group or themselves, walking around the city. Then everyone gather same place at 6pm and we travelling back to Leicester. Around 10.30pm we reach Leicester and gets out from minibus at same place in the morning (Age UK, Clarence Street). We can collect and drop people, if they are on the way in our route, such as Narborough Rd, Foose Road South.

10. We are not responsible for your valuable things, such as wallet, handbag. Please take all your valuables with you and do not leave inside minibus.

11. Paying for the day trip is mean you reeded and accepted our rules.

12. Please make your payment to Leicester Art Zone. The fee is £25 per person.

Leicester Art Zone

Short Code: 20-49-17

Account Number: 33750175

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